Nerver Pain /Neuralgia

Neuralgia also known as nerve pain is a condition that is characterized by severe pain that comes from the nerve. Physical therapy is a valuable method that can aid symptoms associated with neuralgia / nerve pain.

There are two main types of neuralgia;

    1. Trigeminal neuralgia– Pain that originates from the nerves of the face
    2. Post herpetic neuralgia– Pain that primarily affects the trunk of the body

Other types of neuralgia include;

    1. Glossopharyngeal – affects throat, tonsils, tongue and part of the ear
    2. Occipital – affects upper neck, back of the head and behind the eyes

Physical therapy uses a variety of treatment methods and activities that will help minimize symptoms and improve everyday functions that may have been affected by neuralgia.

Causes of neuralgia / nerve pain
Neuralgia is caused by pressure or inflammation of the affected nerves: These disruptions of the nerves may be a result of a number of factors including;

      • Chemical irritation
      • Diabetes
      • Infections, such as shingles, syphilis, and Lyme disease
      • Porphyria – group of metabolic disorders affecting nerves and skin
      • Certain medication
      • Pressure on nerves by nearby structures (e.g. blood vessels or tumors)
      • Swelling and irritation (inflammation)
      • Trauma (including surgery)
      • Chronic renal insufficiency

Symptoms associated with neuralgia / nerve pain can vary significantly in characteristics, frequency and severity among sufferers and some people may develop other unrelated symptoms. There are a variety of treatment options for neuralgia / nerve pain. Physical medicine with rehabilitation is a very effective method that aims to help significantly relief some of the symptoms that you are experiencing.