Physical injury can occur in a wide variety of circumstances, but with the fast movement, use of equipment and contact between players the risk of injury playing sports is higher. Sports injury rehabilitation is a major field of care covered by Physical & Rehabilitation Medicine and at Stroke & Diabetes Center we have a number of experienced specialists whom can treat you.

Our sports rehabilitation physical medicine therapists understand the delicate balance between wanting to return to sports quickly and ensuring you make the best possible recovery. We will use dedicated sports therapy assessment and treatment techniques, including comprehensive body analysis and biomechanical analysis.

Whatever level of sport you enjoy, be it team sports or just going for a run, we can treat you effectively and advise you on avoiding future injury. Below is a list of some sporting injuries that are routinely treated by a physiotherapists.

We treat:

✔Fractured vertebra
✔Jaw Fractures
✔Whip Lash
✔Neck Slipped Disc
✔Neck Muscular Strain
✔Shoulder Muscular Strain
✔Shoulder Rotator Cuff Tear
✔Ankle Sprain
✔And more …