At our physiotherapists will improve your function, reduce the risk of short tissue shortening and alleviate pain. Physical therapy for spasticity at may include:

  • Exercises to increase independence with walking, standing and transferring
  • Muscles stretching to relieve tightness and ease pain
  • Strengthening exercises as spastic muscles may also be weak.
  • Regular weight bearing activities in the upper and lower limbs.
  • Instructing family or caregivers on positioning techniques in lying, sitting and standing to help reduce spasticity
  • Advice on proper seating to keep the body in a balanced, symmetrical and stable posture to maximize comfort and function
  • Advise on splints and casts to increase range of movement and prevent the formation of contractures in the spastic limb

Our motivated physiotherapists at Stroke & Diabetes Center, are experienced at delivering Physical therapy treatment specific to your needs. Our physiotherapists also work closely with occupational therapists who can help design changes in the home and provide equipment to accommodateyour needs. Physical therapy at Stroke & Diabetes Center will reduce the impact that spasticity has on your life so that you can continue with everyday activities safely and effectively.